News Flash... in only our second full season of operation, Cedar Mountain Horse Camp was featured in the May 2014 issue of Trail Rider magazine as one of only 8 "5-star rated" horse campgrounds in North Carolina, and one of only 95 in America!

                                      Ride DuPont Forest with us...

Cedar Mountain Horse Camp  •  1649 Solomon Jones Road  •  Cedar Mountain, NC 28718


Owner Christina Achelpohl, veteran of many years of trail riding and horse camping, long dreamed of building her own campground.  She not only wanted a great place to camp and ride, she also wanted to set up a retirement venue that would keep her involved with horses and riders after her own riding days came to a close.  Drawing from her own experiences and with the invaluable assistance of friends and local tradesmen, Chris made her dream a reality in late summer 2012 when Cedar Mountain Horse Camp was completed.

Choosing a site was easy...where would the weather allow you to ride nine or ten months out of the year?  Answer:  the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  So Chris located the horse trails in that area, then simply picked the area most centrally located to the most trails!  CEDAR MOUNTAIN HORSE CAMP, located only minutes from Dupont State Forest with approximately 90 miles of equestrian-friendly trails, is also within easy day-ride distance of notable destinations such as Pisgah National Forest, Biltmore, The Gorges, and Panthertown Valley, to name a few.   Although CMHC is a short drive to DuPont - only 8-15 minutes depending upon the trail head - you will find that it is more fun and interesting to ride out of different trail heads so you don't have to ride the same trails over and over. 

With the location pinned down, Chris went to work constructing a facility that would bring together all the features she found most desirable in a horse camp.  Shady campsites protected from the blistering sun were of paramount importance to the Columbia, SC native!  Hence, each and every campsite at Cedar Mountain Horse Camp enjoys the shade of mature trees.  Many horse camps have absolutely nowhere to turn out your horses - you ride all day and then shut them up in a dark stall the rest of the time.  So Chris made sure that Cedar Mountain Horse Camp would have multiple corrals available so your horses could graze and stretch those muscles between rides.  Tired of freezing or burning up in the bathhouse?  The spacious, handicapped accessible bathroom at Cedar Mountain Horse Camp is heated and air-conditioned.  These are just a few of the great features you'll find at Cedar Mountain Horse Camp!

If you have a large living quarters trailer and don't want to move it back and forth between CMHC and the trailheads each day, you may utilize one of the 2 four-horse stock trailers on the premises for a nominal fee, on a first come, first-served basis. Just tell us you would like to reserve a stock trailer when you make your reservation and we will do our best to accommodate you.  If we have a large crowd, your consideration in sharing trailer space with others is appreciated!


All sites have water hookups and a 20/30/50 amp electrical service!

"The Outhouse." This charming structure houses not only the spacious handicapped-accessible, heated and air-conditioned bathroom and adjacent storage room but also a 24' by 14' screened porch with cozy porch furniture, a cot, a handmade rustic dining table with chairs and a unique bench made from an antique Army crate, and more!  You'll find an electric skillet, toaster, microwave, charcoal grill, electric roaster, coffeemaker, and other useful conveniences.  Outside, there's even a commercial 2-compartment sink with hot and cold water for dishwashing.

"The Bunkhouse Bedroom."  Tired of sleeping in a tent or in the back of your stock trailer?  Try out the comfy full-sized bed in the Bunkhouse Bedroom instead!  With handmade cedar furniture, western lamps, woven rugs and whimsical decor, this pine-paneled retreat will spoil you!  Equipped with a fan, heater, clock/radio/CD player, small fridge, coffee maker and microwave, the Bunkhouse Bedroom really beats a tent at the end of a long day on the trail.  A cot is available, too.  It's a dry cabin, so you must use The Outhouse when nature calls.  Sleeps 1-3.

* "Cabin 7."  The highly popular Cabin 7 sleeps 6, with a queen bed, 2 twin beds (you are welcome to push them together if needed) plus a cozy loft, accessed by a ladder, that sleeps 2 small people.  The loft has a foam pad but you may bring an inflatable mattress (no bigger than queen) if you like!  Cabin 7 has a small fridge, microwave, toaster, coffeepot, and more!  Outside there is a small portable grill - you provide the gas bottle.  There's an air conditioner with remote and space heater with remote, too.  With its full front porch, and close proximity to "The Outhouse" (it's a dry cabin), Cabin 7 is a big hit!
* "Camper 10."  This 33-foot camper has a Queen bed plus a pull-out sofa in the living room, one bathroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, and cute Western-themed decor.  This oversized campsite also has room for additional vehicles as well as a tent, small trailer, pop-up camper, etc.  Stay in Camper 10, bring your own stock trailer and use it to access the local trailheads!


Corrals.  CMHC presently has 8 corrals.  Most are around 25' X 35' in  size.

Pastures.  We have 3 large (1/4 acre +) grassy pastures.
Pipe Corrals.  Campsite 1 has 2 adjacent pipe corrals.

Tie-Out Panels.  Campsite 8 has a unique 2-panel tie-out that will safely accommodate 3 horses.


MORE UPDATES!!!   One of our large pastures now contains a 10' X 24' temporary summer shelter!  Also underway are 10' X 10' metal-roofed permanent run-in shelters for two of the horse corrals, with plans for more as soon as $$$permits!


Cedar Mountain Horse Camp is located in a quiet, primarily residential valley and we wish to be good neighbors at all times.  We ask that all campers be mindful of their surroundings and to ensure their activities, especially noise level, do not create a nuisance to not only our neighbors but to other campers.  Camp Rules may be found on the Reservations Page.  Reminder:  please try not to drive around or drive into and out of CMHC during Quiet Time!


After only one full year in operation, Cedar Mountain Horse Camp was honored in the May 2014 issue of Trail Rider magazine as one of only 95 5-star rated campgrounds in America!


For reservations or if you have questions, please call Chris Achelpohl at (803)730-9960 or Vanessa Patrick at (803)521-3614.  You may also contact Chris via email:

                                                                                                    OWNER CHRIS ACHELPOHL

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