News Flash... in only our second full season of operation, Cedar Mountain Horse Camp was featured in the May 2014 issue of Trail Rider magazine as one of only 8 "5-star rated" horse campgrounds in North Carolina, and one of only 95 in America!

                                      Ride DuPont Forest with us...
Campground Photos
"THE OUTHOUSE" - we built "The Outhouse" so campers would have a place to gather and swap stories and experiences, share meals, read, relax, play games, or just escape from your trailer on a rainy day.  "The Outhouse" also contains the full handicapped-accessible bathroom, including shower, and a storage room.  Use our furnishings or bring your camp chair!             

HAPPY CAMPERS!  Our new friends enjoying the Outhouse after a big meal on July 4th weekend, 2013.

Our newest addition...AN OUTDOOR SINK for fish cleaning, pot washing, etc.

"THE BUNKHOUSE BEDROOM" - rest and relax in this cozy, rustic bedroom after your long ride.  Tired of tent camping?  Tired of sleeping in the back of your stock trailer?  Try "The Bunkhouse Bedroom" for a change!  Includes full bed and linens, two nightstands with lamps, a stool, fan, space heater, small refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave, shelves and hooks for stowing your belongings.

PICNIC TABLES - we have several lightweight picnic tables at the campground.  You are welcome to "borrow" a table and move it to your campsite so long as the campsite where it is currently located has not been occupied.

FIRE RINGS & FIREWOOD - each campsite has its own rustic fire ring, and there's plenty of kindling and firewood!

PASTURE IN SUMMER - we have lots of good grass for your horses to feast on, whether you reserve a private corral for your entire stay, use one of the corrals for temporary turn-out, or just hand-graze your horse in a common area.  NOTE:  Fly masks are recommended in certain seasons for your horses' comfort - the gnats can be bothersome.

MULTIPLE CORRALS - we have several large and small corrals.  As mentioned above, a corral may be rented for your entire stay, or you may use a corral for a temporary, one-hour turnout on a first-come, first-served basis IF A CORRAL HAS NOT BEEN RESERVED.

STOCK TRAILERS - if you have a large living quarters trailer and it's inconvenient to move it back and forth to the trail head each day, be sure to ask Chris to arrange to shuttle you back and forth, or to use one of the 4-horse stock trailers.

Dennis, Cheryl and Jim with their beautiful gaited horses.

Maura and her horse

Jim and his mare

Ann and Hollywood

NATURE TRAILS - we have added nature trails marked by gold diamonds on the upper left side of the property.  The main entrance (leading to the Cell Phone Hill) is near the Bunkhouse and the second entrance (or exit) comes out across from The Outhouse.  A great way to walk off a heavy supper, keep kids busy, exercise a horse for a few minutes, actually have a cell phone call go out, etc.!

Nearby Sites and Attractions

Table Rock is about 35 minutes from CMHC.  There are numerous hiking trails, from easy to strenuous; two lakes for fishing, one with canoe and paddleboat rentals; and picnicking.

Symmes Chapel, affectionately known as "Pretty Place," is located at the end of Solomon Jones Road a few miles past CMHC.  One of the best views in the area can be enjoyed from Pretty Place.  It is the site of many weddings.

Lovely view from the left side of Pretty Place.
Gorrell family and friends enjoying Pretty Place May 2014
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